Annemarie van der Toorn

Annemarie van der Toorn

From an early age, Annemarie van der Toorn has been in love with horses, following her father’s passion as an avid show jumper. In 2013 Annemarie started e-quine.com to realise her mission: to improve the wellbeing, handling and behaviour of horses.


Do you want to know what drives Annemarie? Watch the video on the right. We believe you can improve the welfare of horses and the people around them through education and inspiration. You learn the most when you dare to let go of existing systems and insights, and really start exploring.

Do you want to learn from Annemarie and her team?


Do you want to learn more about horses? Or maybe work in the equine industry? Led by world-class trainer, Annemarie vd Toorn, join us for all your Horse & Behavioural Instructor training. Learn all aspects of equine behaviour from our industry experts, building your depth and breadth of experience every step of the way. See our training courses developed to suit your needs.

Management training

Communication and management are significant factors in the success of every organisation. However, many people are only slightly aware of their communication style and effectiveness, as well as the patterns in their communication and body language. Did you know horses can help you and your team? Led by renowned horse behaviour specialist, Annemarie vd Toorn, this unique perspective from the equine world helps develop teams looking through the eyes of the horse.

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  • Set of double long lunging lines

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  • Training halter large (green)

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  • Training halter medium (blue)

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Our benefits

✓ Only NOC*NSF and KNHS recognized training on horse behaviour!
✓ Years of specialist experience
✓ Webshop with products aimed at safe handling
✓ Free shipping of products when ordering from £ 100


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