Our high-quality training halters come in three sizes: small, medium and large. On our product pages you can find more information about the different halters and you can choose the halter that best suits your horse.

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E-quine.com Training halters

This training halter has an extra noseband to which you attach your line. It moves freely over the nose so you can easily add pressure and quickly release as soon as the horse gives the desired response. This makes the halter a practical training tool for a variety of earthwork, including trailer loading or working with the double lines.

We offer the halter in three different sizes. The small training halter is ideal for smaller horses and ponies and is comparable to the ‘hob’ sized bridle. For most horses, the medium training halter size is the best choice and is comparable with the ‘full’ sized bridle. Our large halter is suitable for large horses with a long or solid head. In terms of size, the halter is similar to the ‘extra full’ bridle.


Buying a halter?

Do you know which type of halter fits best with your horse? Our halters are available for only € 49.95 at e-quine.com. It’s simple to securely place your order online. We guarantee your purchase will be sent within 48 hours on weekdays.

In addition to holsters, e-quine.com also has a range of lunging and training lines. Are you looking for a new training line for your horse or pony? View and buy our range.

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✓ Only NOC*NSF and KNHS recognized training on horse behaviour!
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