We stock various lunging and training lines, which help you to lunge and train your horse. Choose between a training line which is shorter than a normal lunging line or a set of double lines.

We have carefully sourced two types of lunging lines: one with a double lunging line and a shorter training line.


Our set of double lines consists of two separate lines, each approximately ten meters in length which is longer than average, and makes them perfect for lunging. Our lines are also weighted and do not have loops at the end, enabling you to safely lunge your horse without risk of getting in line or tangling.


We also offer a six-meter training line which is shorter than a normal lunging line, but longer than a lead rope. The extra length allows you to safely carry out earthwork, obstacle training and trailer loading without bundles of hoops in your hands.

Our benefits

✓ Only NOC*NSF and KNHS recognized training on horse behaviour!
✓ Years of specialist experience
✓ Webshop with products aimed at safe handling
✓ Free shipping of products when ordering from £ 100


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