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Researchers in Mazovie, Poland, have studied how often dental problems occur in ‘privately owned’ horses. 



Worldwide, research has been done into various dental problems in horses by several researchers. This study places particular emphasis on the importance of good dental care, regardless of where a horse is located. For the study, 206 ‘privately owned’ horses were examined in the vicinity of Mazovia in Poland. 



Of the 206 horses examined in the study, ninety-five percent show signs of malocclusions (misalignment of the teeth) and also showed dental disease on at least one tooth. 

According to researchers, the percentage that emerged from the study bears similarities to what has been studied in Australia and Scotland. The percentage for these two countries was 94% for Australia and 87% in Scotland. Compared with previous research results from published literature, the percentage is slightly higher than in the United States at 80% and in England varying between 42-79%. 



Researchers also examined the frequency of problems on specific teeth in the horses they studied. Their research showed that 31% of the horses in the Mazovia area had problems with the incisors. 62% of the examined horses had dental problems in both the molars and incisors.  

The study also found that across all age, sex and race groups, malocclusions of incisors, premolars and molars were more common than dental disease. In short, fewer horses suffer from painful dental conditions than malocclusions. 


It is therefore important to make an annual appointment with the equine dentist. In this way, general abnormalities in horses can be prevented in time, before they cause bigger problems. 

Source: https://thehorse.com/1121525/regular-dental-care-important-in-horses-worldwide/ 

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