Throwback to 15 years of Leo!

The story of our Leo who has been with us for 15 years this year. It all started at the horse market where two horse lovers fall in love with a furry horse with the intention of riding him and they wanted him to pull a horse carriage. She wanted to take him home by bike, but that went wrong at the first intersection and Leo ran back to his friends at the horse market. This was the beginning of his behavioral problems, because no one was allowed to touch his legs, he reared and did not allow himself to be ridden or harnessed. Lunging was also an ordeal. He flew through the fence and riding him or exerting him was out of the question. With a heavy heart the previous owners were forced to take Leo to the slaughter, because there was no working with him. 


Fortunately, Annemarie picked up on this story and put a stop to it. The vet has clinically approved Leo and the osteopath also gave the green light for his back. He would go to Horse Event to show how you can give life to problem horses. At the end of the third day, she wanted to see him confidently walking around with a rider on his back. Then Annemarie would look for a suitable home for him and the proceeds would go to Brooke Hospital for Animals. As everyone knows, this went differently and our Leo shines in the training as a teacher for our level 1 students and even the kids! 

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