E-quine.com and Equinestudies launch new online learning programme 'The Horse Inside Out'

Recently we have been very busy developing a unique new online learning programme together with Equinestudies: the expert in equine dissections. We are very happy to share with you that the first part of ‘The Horse Inside Out’ in English will be available on 1 May We would like to celebrate this you in big style with an Early Bird discount in the month of April.


The online learning programme ‘The Horse Inside Out’ will teach you everything about how a healthy horse functions and the abnormalities that may arise in the body. Would you like to be able to see through the horse’s skin to really understand how the horse works from the inside out? How the healthy horse functions and how abnormalities may arise in the body? Or what an injury might look like from the inside? Then the Horse Inside Out really is something for you! After completing each part, you will receive a certificate to demonstrate your progress.


The Horse Inside Out was created with the substantial knowledge of Zefanja Vermeulen, founder of the principle Equine Inside Out. Through the many dissections and development of skeletal preparations, she has gathered unique insights about the horse’s body. The learning programme offers you the chance to access the knowledge that Zefanja has acquired over decades.


The online learning programme includes exclusive images from dissections and in-depth explanation of anatomy and biomechanics. This way you will learn about the horse’s body from the inside out, divided into three parts. A must for every horse lover! Moreover, it is also very suitable for specialists in the equestrian industry who want to delve further into their field of expertise.



Throughout April you will benefit from our Early Bird discount of no less than 30%. So don’t wait too long and buy the programme now. Not only will you be among the first to receive your login immediately on 1 May, but at a great discount as well!

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