Horse psychology course

Online horse psychology course for free!

What an unprecedented and bizarre situation has been created by the Coronavirus. At e-quine.com, all (practical) lessons have stopped as well, and we only work from home. Since we hear all around us that this is no different for many equestrian enthusiasts, we would like to offer you something fun! Learn about the horse’s behaviour from behind your computer with our online horse psychology course!


This online course consists of 4 parts. You can sign up today and the good news is: this content is available to you for free! All we ask of you is your email address. After each section there will be a webinar given by Annemarie van der Toorn where you can ask all your questions. A great opportunity to use this time to deepen your knowledge!


What will you learn?

  • The difference between nature and nurture and their influence on the domesticated horse;
  • The main characteristics of the horse as a flight and herd animal;
  • All aspects related to evolution and domestication;
  • More knowledge about the senses of the horse and their influence on human interaction;
  • Information about intelligence and emotions;
  • The different learning theories and how to use them in your training;
  • More knowledge about stress in different forms.


Sign up

It is no longer possible to register for this course. If you are interested in our courses, view this page for more information.