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Horse & Behaviour Instructor – Level 3


This level is the final step in the Horse & Behaviour Instructor diploma. Upon completion, you will be a fully certified instructor and qualified to provide constructive lessons for both individuals and groups. We work with you to develop a portfolio that showcases how you have trained several horses and their owners. This level consists of five blocks of 4 days and is spread over 18 months, giving you time to gain practical experience. The third level is concluded with four practical exams.

You will learn

  1. Practical training. All our practical lessons are focused on the challenging behaviour of horses. Building on expertise gained in our level 2 course, we discuss and test different approaches and use various techniques, including the use of a heart rate monitor to understand the effectiveness of your training.
  2. Effective training. The vital elements needed in a training plan for horses with various complex challenges.
  3. Groundwork 2.0. Develop groundwork exercises to improve the physical balance of horses. This helps the owner with their riding technique.
  4. Training owners. Together with fellow students and an instructor, we help owners who have horses with a challenge. Following the creation of an action plan, you deliver the first class. You also recommend a follow-up plan, advising and guiding the owner to the next stage.
  5. Starting young horses. Working alongside international trainers, this module enables you to prepare young horses for their life as a riding horse. We help you ensure they have a positive first saddle experience and are comfortable with double long lines. We also cover other activity to prepare the horse for their first rider.
  6. Physical assessment. Led by physiotherapists, this module teaches you to physically assess horses as many riding problems are the result of physical discomfort. We ensure you can complete the basics of a physical examination and provide advice as to the next steps.
  7. Exterior assessment. As a Horse & Behaviour Instructor you may be asked to provide advice in situations such as a horse purchase. You will learn how to assess the exterior of a horse in practice and provide advice to the potential buyer.
  8. Didactical skills. You will learn how to teach groups and individual clients, and tailor lessons to the level of the person you are working with.
  9. Ethology. Building on the previous level with Machteld van Dierendonck, we increase your knowledge of horses, learning how to influence them and affect their behaviour in practice.


When you have completed this level, you will be an independent, all-round behaviour instructor. You will be able to:

  • Provide individual and group lessons
  • Train a horse so the owner can continue the training themselves
  • Draft a strategic training plan for horses
  • Tackle the more challenging problems and safely start young horses on their riding journey
  • Draw upon your network of specialists for additional support
  • Highlight your practical training experience in your portfolio
  • Provide a basic physical examination and advise as to whether the horse is suitable for the potential new owner


  • Start course: January 2020
  • Length: 3 x 4 days, include online learning platform + online support
  • Location: The Netherlands, England and Italy
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  • Study guide: Click here

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