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Horse & Behaviour Instructor – Level 2


Level 2 allows you to dig deeper into all aspects of training a horse with more challenging behaviour. We cover issues such as trailer loading, nervous horses, obstacle issues, groundwork, farrier or veterinary issues and dominant behaviour. Of course, the supervision of the horse’s owner also plays an important role in this. We pay attention to didactics, how do you transfer your message to others?

The second level consists of three four-day courses with home study and assignments to increase your knowledge. For all study, we are on hand to offer video assessment support and follow-up discussions.

You will learn

  1. Practical training. Following the basics of behavioural training in level 1, we look to implement this with more challenging horses.
  2. Trailer problems. Working with fellow students, we cover horses that have challenges in, or near trailers. Together you make a plan and act to solve the problems. You will also learn how to involve the owner so they can continue training at home.
  3. Effective training. For this practical module, you have the opportunity to work with different horses. These horses have diverse behaviours, from those that cannot be lunged or do not lead well, to horses who are spooked by a variety of different objects.
  4. Foals & young horses. We learn more about behaviour and the correct way of imprinting young foals and yearlings, so you can rear a horse with confidence and trust.
  5. Health & nutrition. A module run by specialists in this field, we explore in detail the health of horses, the conditions you may encounter and how to manage the feeding regime.
  6. Ethology. Ethologist Machteld van Dierendonck uncovers how horses learn, so you can teach them something new.


Upon completion of this level, you can start helping horses and owners with challenges that may arise in handling horses. You will be able to:

  • Identify single problems and know how to prevent them
  • Train a more difficult horse to work with you
  • Help horses who do not want to load in the trailer through obstacle and trailer training
  • Devise a plan to solve behavioural problems for horses
  • Help owners to understand their horses better

In addition to the practical days, we broaden your knowledge through online projects and home study.


  • Start course: January 2020
  • Length: 3 x 4 days, include online learning platform + online support
  • Location: The Netherlands, England and Italy
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  • Study guide: Click here

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* Do you already have an instructor diploma (for example from the KNHS, or Emiel Voest)? Then contact us for the exemption possibilities!

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