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Experience of our participants

Slide “Working with the horses is getting out of your comfort zone for most people which makes the experience more intense. The feedback you get from the horses is very direct and pure. It is amazing to see the difference in behaviour of one horse, when working with different persons. Annemarie is able to 'read' the horses and to give spot-on feedback to all the participants. The combination of all the variables makes it a valuable activity that gives great insight in the effect of (non-verbal) communication & leadership styles.” - Naomi van Weelden, DHL Global Forwarding Slide “Great results booked with Annemarie. Super creative training and you will et a wake up call about yourself. I did 4 times in 4 years a training with my team with Annemarie and it made me and my team successful. If you are struggling and want to have a training you will never forget I absolutely recommend Annemarie.” - Richard Gilhuys, Renolit Slide "The e-quine.com working with horses training remains very impactful. Participants are challenged by the reaction of the horses with their own behaviour. Annemarie knows how to translate her observations into a business context and is honest and constructive in her approach. Participants are incredibly motivated every time and immediately use the insights gained." - Rob Westgeest, Moving Performance.

Communication and management are significant factors in the success of every organisation. However, many people are only slightly aware of their style of communication, cooperation and effectiveness, as well as the patterns in their communication and body language.


Feedback provides a greater insight into this style and thus a powerful impetus for personal development and better cooperation.


But where do you find a medium free of subjective views that provides feedback in the purest form; directly, without detours or language adjustments? Horses possess this ability like no other and in their interaction with people they offer us a rich arsenal of reflection on our behaviour, communication, leadership, effectiveness and cooperation.


During this special workshop we integrate themes related to working with horses. By ‘doing’ and reflecting on the results, we see large parallels with our daily behaviour. Our insights can be translated directly to communication and management, often leading to demonstrable changes in an organisation.

Looking through the eyes of the horse

Working with horses to enhance communication and management skills is a completely new experience for almost everyone. One which makes a big and lasting impression. Horses bring a unique perspective because of their enormous mirroring ability.


Attendees of our courses identify their personal strengths and pitfalls. They understand what drives them, their emotional challenges and natural survival strategies. Working with our safe to handle, sensitive horses, we help you uncover your body language strengths and weaknesses and give you the tools to succeed in both personal and business environments.


Look through the eyes of the horse to bring a new perspective to your training.

Our benefits

✓ Only NOC*NSF and KNHS recognized training on horse behaviour!
✓ Years of specialist experience
✓ Webshop with products aimed at safe handling
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