Alumni Academy

For qualified Horse & Behaviour Instructors, you are welcome to join the e-quine.com Alumni Academy. We offer various training days to share knowledge and experience, and ensure our instructors remain up to date with the latest skills and industry intelligence.

The programme

We offer a variety of training days where we exchange experiences and ensure you are up to date on the latest news and developments in the field. We have teamed up with veterinarian Morgan Lashley, a specialist in lameness and biomechanics, and Mireille den Hoed to provide a series of practical days to focus on straightness and balance. We also learn how to ask a horse to move in balance, working on the single and double lunge. Join the Alumni Academy today and continue to develop your knowledge.

The benefits

Alumni Academy

Only for qualified Horse & Behaviour Instructors

Varied training offer

Sharing knowledge and experience

Keep your skills up to date!


Slide "The structure of the Alumni Academy, has enabled me to continue learning after obtaining the e-quine.com diploma as an Instructor for Horse & Behaviour. Last month, I participated in the effective training weekend and learned even more. Not only from the teachers, but also from the experiences my colleagues gained in recent times. It’s incredibly cool to have the opportunity to keep our current knowledge up to date and acquire new knowledge that fits in with the current diploma." - Lotte van Rosevelt Slide "I want to learn as much as possible about the behaviour and physicality of horses, to train riders and horses as well as possible. It's great to be educated as broadly as possible and try all the training methods. The e-quine.com Alumni Academy offers the possibility to expand your skills. In addition, I love continuing to learn!" - Diane Klaverdijk-Muilenburg Slide "I am very pleased with the Alumni Academy. It ensures I continue to expand my skills, keep in touch with other former students and enjoy working with horses." - Jori Sixma Slide "The Alumni Academy ensures graduates keep up to date with the latest developments and insights, as well as continue developing different themes. It also provides a great environment for training horses and improving skills with fellow instructors in practice." - Ed Deckers Slide "The Alumni Academy training is an incredibly nice addition to all the knowledge and skills we have gained during the training for instructing in Horse & Behaviour. The training courses ensure that as a professional, the competence to exercise this beautiful profession is increased. The diverse range offers something for everyone." - Lian Caelers

Our benefits

✓ Only NOC*NSF and KNHS recognized training on horse behaviour!
✓ Years of specialist experience
✓ Webshop with products aimed at safe handling
✓ Free shipping of products when ordering from £ 100


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