Certified instructor training

Do you want to learn more about the behaviour of horses? Extend your own knowledge, or perhaps become a professional horse trainer? Find out more about our certified training courses.

Transform horse behaviour

Do you want to know everything about your horse? What causes certain behaviours and how can you influence it? Find out more about our training courses.

Need help in handling your horse?

Do you have a challenge in handling your horse and need help fixing it? Whatever you need for your horse, we can show you how to get results in the right way.

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Learn all about your horse's behaviour and challenges









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About us

If you love horses, you know there is always more to learn. We exist to improve the wellbeing, handling and behaviour of horses, sharing as much knowledge as possible. We do this by providing training courses in different locations across Europe. Group location-based training is available upon request.

Our benefits

✓ Only NOC*NSF and KNHS recognized training on horse behaviour!
✓ Years of specialist experience
✓ Webshop with products aimed at safe handling
✓ Free shipping of products when ordering from £ 100


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